Alberta Campgrounds | Effective Treatment for Skunk Spray

Alberta Campgrounds | Effective Treatment for Skunk Spray

Skunks are native to Alberta, and so when campers and hikers go to Alberta campgrounds. They should at least know what to do when they come face-to-face with this animal.

Skunks are very timid creatures. Even though the reputation that they have is that they will spray people with a noxious substance.

This reputation serves and very well in the animal kingdom. As typical predators such as coyotes and foxes. Will steer clear of skunks, being warned away by their bold black and white stripes.

However, people should not fear skunks if they come face-to-face with this animal. Because a skunk will not want to spray, and only do so as a last line of defence.

The best thing that people can do when they encounter a skunk, is simply to stop moving. Skunks have notoriously bad eyesight. And by staying still, can help a person blend into the background. As well as encourage the skunk to run away quickly.

However, if the skunk does not run away. Campers and hikers in Alberta campgrounds can take a flashlight and flash it very quickly at the skunk. In hopes of frightening it away. As they do this, they can start moving backwards very slowly and very quietly. To put as much distance between the skunk and them as possible.

However, if the skunk ends up spraying, that might not be effective. Because skunk sprays can travel extremely far away, up to 3 m. With extremely good accuracy.


In addition to that, a skunk will give a number of signs indicating that they are getting ready to spray. In hopes of frightening their predators away. And often resort to this when they have their offspring present. Because they become even more defensive when they have their babies.

They will start stamping their feet, or hissing trying to frighten predators away. They will also acts like they might charge. However people need to be aware that they will not do this. Because they have no way of attacking a predator.

The last telltale sign that they are going to spray is by bringing their hindquarters around and lifting their tail.

This is the skunks last line of defence. Because not only will this make a skunk depleted of their energy. But it will also leave them defenceless until they build up the reserves of their spray again. Which can take a week or a week and a half at the most.

Therefore, because skunks are not going to want to spray. It can often be enough to stop moving, and start travelling backwards extremely slowly and quietly. In order to give the skunk a wide enough berth.

If people are hiking or camping in Alberta campgrounds. And they start smelling a skunk. This should be an indication for them to leave the area. As skunks are known to spray their nest or their den. In order to protect their babies.

And so smelling a skunk can often mean that there are babies in the area. And by leaving, can help ensure that they are not making the skunk defensive.

Alberta Campgrounds | Effective Treatment for Skunk Spray

Campers and hikers alike love going to Alberta campgrounds for the wide variety of scenic beauty and wildlife. In fact, there are many different animals depending on what area of the province people are visiting.

However, no matter what campgrounds people visit. Because skunks are native to the province. People can encounter this nocturnal creature.

They come out at dusk in order to forage for their food. Which is a wide variety of insects and pests. In fact, Alberta campgrounds that have skunks often have fewer pest problems. In campers report fewer bugs that can negatively impact their enjoyment of the area.

Skunks are also very shy, and lack natural defences. Which is why they typically want to avoid people and predators at all costs.

However, if people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or if they have a pet that has startled a skunk. They might find themselves on the receiving end of skunk spray.

This is an oily substance that smells like sulphuric acid. And causes severe skin rotation, and temporary blindness if people get it into their eyes.

It can also cause watery eyes and runny noses, nausea and vomiting. In people who are close enough to the smell. Since the human nose can smell a skunk spray up to five and a half kilometres away. People who have been sprayed should avoid going inside.

By staying outside, they can off gas the smell is much as possible. And make it less likely that they are going to cause nausea or vomiting in people around them.


In order to break down the oil and neutralize the smell. People should be looking for an acid. Which is why tomato juice has often been cited as a cure for skunk spray.

Another effective solution is made with 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Because it can neutralize the oil, and break down the smell.

If people are camping without hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. If they have white vinegar on hand, that can be enough of an acid to neutralize the oil and skunk spray.

If people are using hydrogen peroxide, they should be very aware to rinse it off their skin or their pets for very quickly. Because it can have a bleaching effect. They also should be very aware and careful not to get it in their eyes, were it can cause damage.

It may take to or three treatments or even more. To get rid of the oil and neutralize the smell. And for clothes that have been sprayed, several trips through the washing machine. Regular detergent is enough to get rid of the smell.

By coming camping prepared, with either hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. Can help people be prepared on the off chance that if they do come face-to-face with the skunk.

And the skunk decides to spray. That they will be able to neutralize the smell, so that it does not impact their trip to Alberta campgrounds.


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