Glamping in Alberta | Do It Yourself Camping Gear

Glamping in Alberta | Do It Yourself Camping Gear

Whether people are going on vacation and going camping, or going glamping in Alberta. A lot of money can be saved, when people use a bit of ingenuity and craftiness. To make some of their camping gear themselves at home.

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Whether they have never been camping or glamping before. Or they just want to save money wherever they can. There are many things that can help people. Have the supplies they need when they go glamping in Alberta.

Without spending a fortune. One of the best hacks that people should utilize. Is good for storing, and keeping wooden matches. Wooden matches are far superior, when it comes to starting fires in the wilderness.

As a lot of things can go wrong with lighters. Including getting wet, running out of fuel. Or having the parts not work properly. And while if people are very comfortable for having a lighter.

That is great, but they should also have a backup. In the form of wooden matches. Purchasing a large box of wooden matches, does not cost very much. However, if they were simply to take the wooden matches in the cardboard container they came in.

Not only would they not travel well. Getting crushed by the other camping supplies. But chances are quite high, that the box would get wet, while on a hiking or biking adventure while going glamping in Alberta.

If they are caught in a sudden shower. Or if they were spending time by the river, or even on the water. Getting splashed with water. Or accidentally falling in. Could result in their matches being rendered useless.

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Instead, they can put some of the wooden matches. In an empty pill container. That they likely have kicking around their home. Inside the bill container. They can also keep piece of flint.

To give them another option on how to start a fire if they need. As well as a few cotton balls. To is a very quick and effective fire starter. Give them a hand starting a fire in difficult conditions.

As well, they can cut a piece of sandpaper, and glue it on the inside lid. So that they always have a strike plate, to strike the matches on to catch them on fire. What is even better, is that this pill container match holder.

Is completely transportable. People can toss it in their knapsack, their pocket. Or anywhere else. Whether they are on an adventure. Or sticking around their campsite. So that whenever they may need to make a fire. They can do so quite easily.

Another fantastic act when it comes to starting fire. Is using Doritos. If people have run out of cotton balls. And they are trying to start a fire on a particularly windy day. Doritos can be a fantastic kindling.

All people have to do, is ensure that whatever food supplies they buy. That they get a bag of Doritos. And abstain from eating every single one until the end of their trip.

That way, they will always have some fire starter on hand. That can help them get that important fire going. Whether they are cooled. Or want to cook their meal on it.

Glamping in Alberta | Do It Yourself Camping Gear

Whether people are going glamping in Alberta. Because they cannot buy their own camping gear. They still need to bring some things with them on their trip. And knowing how to do so themselves. Can save them time and money.

One thing that many people hate most about going camping are the bugs. And while there are many different brands of bug spray on the market. That is designed to keep bugs away and work well.

Many people do not like feeling sticky or stinky. When they put bug spray on, and it will have to be repeated not just daily. Several times a day as well. And when people are going glamping in Alberta.

That is actually because they are trying to have a bit of a special vacation. Or a more romantic vacation. And they do not want to be smelling like bug spray. Or feeling sticky when they are trying to have a romantic time.

Instead, all people have to do. Is by a few bundles of sage. And then when they have their campfire, toss that sage in the fire. It will act as a natural mosquito repellent while smelling beautiful.

That way, people can avoid slathering themselves with the sticky bug spray. While enjoying keeping the pests away. So that when they are ready to go to bed. They can feel as dry and clean as they did when they woke up.

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Another great recommendation. Whether people are camping. Is to always be prepared with a roll of toilet paper. Many people think that they will not need this. Since they are not venturing far from their campsite.

And they know that especially when they go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. That they will have flush toilets to use. However, the one time they are caught without toilet paper.

Will be enough to convince them that yes, this is a good idea. Even if they are not planning on going very far. However, tossing a big role told paper in their knapsack. Is not the best way to keep it.

Not only is it susceptible to getting wet from a sudden shower. Or if people are spending time by or on the river. That might get splashed, or have their belongings are themselves dunked.

But also, the very ingenious squirrels that are on the property. Or able to open knapsack’s. And one of their favourite past times. Besides eating the lunch of their victims. Is shredding toilet paper.

Therefore, people should save one of their coffee tins. And after they clean it out. They can put their toilet paper in the tin. And snap the lid on. This will keep it waterproof for the length of their stay.

But it will also keep their toilet paper squirrel proof. So that their toilet paper does not end up being a squirrel nest. When people are ready to go camping, or glamping. A little bit of crafting this. Can help them get the camping supplies they need. For an extremely low price of free.


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