Glamping in Alberta | What To Expect When Glamping

Glamping in Alberta | What To Expect When Glamping

Even though many people think that glamping in Alberta is a relatively new activity. People have actually been glamping in Alberta for decades. And even centuries throughout the world.

A combination of the two words glamorous and camping. It simply means bringing amenities that are not traditionally found while camping. With them, from home to elevate their experience.

However, the newest glamping site in Alberta, elevated experience campgrounds. Has really taken a large effort to ensure that when people go glamping at their campground.

They will have an amazing and luxurious experience. Because they have amazing amenities, not just in their glamping sites. But throughout their property.

The first thing that people will notice when they arrive at their campground. Is that the glamping sites are designed to look like tiny houses, or little cabins. And already have many amenities.

There is a full-size barbecue, and a porch with a bistro table. So that people can enjoy the outdoors as much as they desire. As well as a fire pit, and bench for people to use as they wish.

Upon opening the door to the tiny cabin. People will notice that there is a full-size queen bed. So that they can enjoy camping, but without sleeping on the ground or in a sleeping bag.

While there tiny cabins do not have running water. There is running water on site, so that people can freshen up as they desire. However, there is a cooler inside the tiny cabin.

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To ensure that people can stay hydrated during their stay. The next thing that people will most likely notice. Is the fact that these tiny cabins have air conditioning.

To ensure that everyone can stay as comfortable as they desire during their stay. And since Alberta is known for its unpredictable weather. People may find that they are using that air-conditioner.

Even when they may not anticipate they have to. Also, they will see that there is a giant screen television, that is hooked up to satellite. So that people can retreat into their cabin.

Whether they want to watch a movie because it is raining out. Or watch TV before drifting off to sleep. It is there for their comfort and enjoyment for the entire stay.

As well, there will be a microwave, mini fridge, and all of the dishes they will need to use. They are preparing food in their own cabin. And a basin in order to wash their own dishes.

However, in true glamping style. They can always order a pizza from the kitchen on site. And have it delivered directly to their tiny cabin. So that they can spend all of their time relaxing.

Or exploring the beautiful river valley. That worrying about getting back to their cabin in time to prepare dinner. So that they can continue to relax, and enjoy their experience of glamping in Alberta the way they desire.

Whether people do not like camping, or are not able to camp. Going to elevated experience campgrounds, makes the Alberta wilderness accessible for all people.

Glamping in Alberta | What To Expect When Glamping

Since glamping in Alberta is becoming more and more popular. People are looking for more places that they can go glamping. Especially if they do not have their own trailers to bring with them for their experience.

The newest glamping site in Alberta. Is elevated experience campgrounds. Nestled right next to the Saskatchewan River, in a gorgeous river valley close to Drayton Valley in Alberta.

This campsite offers many amenities to traditional campers, and glamper’s alike. Elevating everyone’s experience, regardless of how they are staying on the property.

One thing that they want to ensure. Is that whether people have come to their property to relax, or explore. There is going to be something for everyone, and all ages.

Not only are there different games that they can rent. To be played outside, such as yard yahtzee, or yard Jenga. There are also different activities that they can rent as well.

They have a wilderness backpack, that can allow children and adults alike. To go on a guided adventure. Whether it is exploring the wilderness, the river valley. Or night sky.

If the weather is not fantastic, they will be able to retreat into the retro arcade. Where adults and children alike can spend an afternoon playing fun, retro video games.

However, if people want to go glamping in Alberta so that they can spend more time in the water. They also have a boat launch onto the North Saskatchewan River.

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Whether they want to go speeding around in their boat, or fishing. Or just drifting down the river. These are all possible activities when they visit elevated experience campground.

When people arrive, they may notice that there is a mini golf course, and all campers and clambers get their first game for free. To help them get into the spirit of their vacation.

As well, when people are camping, or glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground. They may get too distracted by the fun that they are having. That they realize that it is late, and that they are hungry.

When this happens, all they have to do is contact the general store. And order a pizza. That will be delivered either to their campsite, or their tiny cabin that they are staying in.

To enjoy a hot, delicious dinner. Without all the fuss of cooking it. And even though glamping is more popular than ever. And more glamping sites are cropping up throughout the province.

The luxuriousness, and amazing amenities at elevated experience campground. Makes this a true destination, for people to want to experience. Because of all of the amenities that they will get.

Whether people want to experience it once for a special occasion. Or if they want to spend their summer visiting again and again at this luxurious glamping spot.

They should visit elevated experience early on in the air. So that they can return again and again as they fall in love with glamping, and with the Alberta wilderness.


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