Alberta Campgrounds | Community Gardens In A Campground

Alberta Campgrounds | Community Gardens In A Campground

Many people may not understand why Alberta campgrounds can benefit. From having a community garden. But for an elevated experience camping, this is extremely obvious.

Alberta Campgrounds

There are many benefits for an entire community. To having a community garden. And those benefits are the same, whether it is a city, a town or Alberta campgrounds.

First of all, it will help the community come together. With a common goal, help feed themselves. Eliminating food insecurity. And increasing access to fresh, wholesome and healthy foods.

While some families are food insecure. Which ones they do not know where their next meal is coming from. Some people were not food insecure. And yet, they have trouble accessing fresh foods.

Simply because they are more expensive than processed foods. Therefore, everyone can benefit. From having access to free produce. That they simply have to spend some time in the garden to cultivate.

There are other community benefits of a garden. That reduce negative community impacts. For example, by promoting food to sustainability. Teaching people about agriculture.

And helping people understand. What it takes to get their food from the farm, to their plate. It also reduces a communities food transportation costs. As they will be less dependent. On truck to in produce.

That has been sitting for weeks before they get it. And which has already lost significant nutrients. In addition to that, it will reduce community waste. Because it will allow an opportunity. To do some composting.

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Where they can put their food waste. In a section in the garden. Less garbage will end up going to the landfill. And through composting, they will have great compost to add to the garden.

That will help grow nutritious vegetables in the next year. And another unintended community benefits. Is lowered crime. As communities work together. To reclaim vacant lands.

That criminals would conduct business on. That now, feel unwelcome. As those vacant lands are now bustling with activity. And growing vibrant crops instead.

However, the benefit of having community gardens, even in Alberta campgrounds. Is not limited to benefiting the community. It also benefits the environment. Because plants, breathe in carbon dioxide.

Which is what people, and our vehicles emit. In return, the plants emit oxygen. Which we are then able to breathe in. It clears the air. And contributes to a healthy overall environments.

In addition to that, community gardens. Also increase the soil quality. Eliminating water runoff. That takes soil nutrients with it. By keeping the water, in the soil, because of the roots of the plants.

As well, it prevents soil erosion. That happens, when the runoff takes the soil with it. Which will make very fertile area. There and in just a few years. With all of these benefits. People should not forget.

That they will experience personal benefits. By gardening, this is a physical activity. That promotes overall body health. But also good mental health. Through this relaxing and rewarding activity.

And when people get to eat nutritious vegetables at the end. It will complete the cycle of ringing overall health to people. As well as a community.

Alberta Campgrounds | Community Gardens In A Campground

When people are going to Alberta campgrounds, at elevated experience camping. They will have a new community garden to look forward to. There are many benefits of community garden.

Including providing the campers with fresh produce. To add to their camping diets, likely have hotdogs, hamburgers and potato chips. But also, a not-for-profit group.

That will be operating their food truck. Out of the Alberta campgrounds that elevated experience camping operates. So that they can get some free produce. To make their meals with.

Because elevated experience loves to give back to the community. And because they know, they will be feeding their hungry campers. The delicious food that they are serving all summer long.

When they started thinking about bringing a community garden to their campground however. They decided to do a raised garden bed. And solve several problems at the same time.

A problem with an in ground garden. Especially in Alberta campgrounds. They will be very susceptible to damage from animals. Such as rabbits, mice and dear. That are going to love the vegetables and plants.

Therefore, by raising the garden beds up. And putting a mesh fence around the edges. Will solve the problem. Of critters, coming along. And leaving the vegetables. And destroying implants in the process.

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The sunlight will be able to get through. And provide beautiful raise, to help plants grow. And people will be allowed access into the garden plots. By opening up a latch, and swinging open one side on hinges.

What a raised garden bed will do however. In addition to providing protection from animals. Is will make it more easily accessible. Many people love gardening. But had to give it up, because of their aging or sore bodies.

Finding it hard to bend, or kneel. In order to weed, fertilize. Or harvest their garden. Or, people who have never had the opportunity. To enjoy gardening, can try it out. Because they may have physical limitations.

That prevent them from gardening. In a traditional style garden. However, the raised garden beds. Makes it more accessible for them. That is not the only benefit to having a raised garden bed.

Speaking environmentally, a raised garden bed is advantageous. Because it will help the drainage. That can promote root rot. And also promote soilborne fungal diseases. By raising up bed.

The water can more easily drain out of the garden bed. And ensure that the correct amount of water. It stays within the soil. For the vegetable plants to utilize to grow their vegetables.

When people are interested. In having fresh vegetables while spending time camping. Or, teaching their children where their food comes from. And even experiencing gardening for themselves.

Whether they have never tried it before. Or love it, and have missed it. They can get their opportunity at elevated experience camping. But they must book quickly, as spots are filling up.