Alberta Campgrounds | Hunting For Mushrooms

Alberta Campgrounds | Hunting For Mushrooms

Looking for wild mushrooms is as fun as it is delicious in Alberta campgrounds. There are dozens of species native to the area. That not only are easy to find. But are delicious and nutritious.

Alberta Campgrounds

One of the most commonly sought after mushrooms. Is called the saffron milk cap mushroom. It is known for growing in real forests. Close to pine trees, and known for its bright yellow colour.

However, it is not the only edible mushroom to be found. Among some of the edible mushrooms. People can find in elevated experience campground, our fairy ring mushrooms, and gem studded mushrooms.

Meadow mushrooms, yellow guild mushrooms, hexagon all poly’s poor mushrooms. Mushrooms that may not sound edible but are, such as slimy spike, dark Inc. mushrooms, glistening Inc. mushrooms.

And even mushrooms that are named after animals. Such as horse, hedgehog and pigs. When people are starting out in the mushroom foraging hobby. The first thing that they should do. Is become extremely familiar.

With all of the ways that edible mushrooms are identified. It is all about getting to know one type very well. And ensuring that people know. Exactly how to identify that one type first.

It is not just a matter of looking at the appearance. Because there are many types of mushrooms. That look like edible mushrooms. But are actually poisonous. This is called a look-alike mushroom.

While appearance is important. It is only one aspect of identifying a mushroom. People should also take into consideration the smell, the colour. And where the mushroom is growing in Alberta campgrounds.

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As that can give important hints on whether it is a poisonous kind. Or an edible kind of mushroom. For example, the saffron milk mushroom. Often grows where there are lots of pine trees.

Therefore, if it is found in complete absence of pine trees. People should look at all other identifying factors. Before they come to the conclusion. On what type of mushroom they have found.

As well, another important identifying factor. Is the spore print. Which is unique to each mushroom. And can help identify edible mushrooms. Versus their poisonous counterparts. When picking a mushroom.

People must put the mushroom face down on a piece of paper. And leave it for several hours. Mushrooms emit spores, as a way of propagating their species. And once they have been picked.

This spore action continues. They will exhale the spores. Through the gills, underneath the mushroom. And the pattern that the spores leave. Attached to the piece of paper, as well as the colour.

Helps identify exactly what mushroom variety. They have in their possession. It is not just the pattern. But it is the colour, which can range from dark blacks and browns. Two vibrant hues of yellows red and pinks.

If people have any questions. Visiting Alberta campgrounds to forage for mushrooms. The staff at elevated experience camping. Will be able to help out. Not only do they have mushroom experts on staff.

But they also have herbalists, who love foraging for mushrooms. And while offer help any chance they can get.

Alberta Campgrounds | Hunting For Mushrooms In Alberta Forests

Mushroom hunting is fun in Alberta campgrounds. And there are many reasons why people go searching. For these interesting species. Many people think mushrooms are implant.

And that is not true. Nor are they an animal, they seem to defy. All description of what they are. And many biologists often say. That they have an almost alien nature to them.

Something to keep in mind. Is that mushrooms tend to grow. In the same locations year after year. Not just because they like the area. And mushrooms tend to grow in similar conditions.

But because the mushroom itself. Is simply the fruit. Of a larger organism that is growing underground. Similar to how someone might come along and pluck an apple off an apple tree.

Next year, they can come back. And the same tree. Will likely have more apples, on almost the same branches. This is the same with the organisms that grow mushrooms. While the mushroom on the surface.

Is called the fruity body. The organism underneath the ground. Is called the mycelium. And the mycelium can cover a large area. Even hundreds of square kilometres.

In fact, the largest single living organism on planet Earth. Is mycelium, which is growing currently in Russia. Therefore, once people find where mushrooms grow. They are likely going to continue growing.

In that same spot. But lately hidden. In places where they like to grow. Such as underneath foliage. Where it is dark, cool and damp. While many people love to look for edible mushrooms in Alberta campgrounds.

People often search for mushrooms. For medicinal purposes. As well as mushrooms for cosmetic purposes. For example, mushroom that grows on trees, the chaga mushroom.

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Is extremely popular for cosmetic purposes. Picking it, drying it out. Then grinding it up. Makes a great face cleanser. People can add water, and apply it in circles to their face.

Not only does it have astringent qualities to it. But it can also clean, and exfoliate. Leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. However, one of the most highly sought after mushrooms.

For medicinal purposes is called the Ganoderma Apple natum. Which has so many medicinal uses, that is hard to prepare a list. Many professional and hobby naturalists and natural paths.

Love foraging Alberta campgrounds. In order to find these delightful mushrooms. No matter what kind of mushroom people are looking for. For whatever purposes. They must prepare the mushrooms carefully.

Because raw, wild mushrooms. Can cause gastrointestinal distress. Such as vomiting and diarrhea. And no matter what mushroom people catch. And even if they prepare it perfectly.

They should always consume small bits of the mushroom first. In case they did make a mistake and get a mushroom that was inedible or poisonous. So that they do not consume the whole thing, and then become ill.

When people visit Alberta campgrounds. They can spend a lot of time. Foraging the wilderness. And enjoy their time. Potentially ending up with delicious morsels. To show for their efforts.