Glamping in Alberta | Experience Glamping This Summer

Experience Glamping in Alberta This Summer

Four completely unique summer vacation idea, people should try doing some glamping in Alberta. While many people have been glamping for decades in this province. It has never been more accessible, with the addition of permanent glamping sites in campgrounds across the province.

However, if people want a truly unique experience. One that people of all ages, and activity levels will enjoy. They should visit elevated experience campground.

Because not only to they have some of the most amazing glamping sites in Alberta. But all of the amenities that they have at the campground. For campers and clambers alike to enjoy.

Our completely unique to this campground. And will allow people to have a truly unique vacation. And experience some things that they have never been able to do before.

The reason why going glamping Alberta is so popular. Is because even people who are not fans of camping enjoy this activity. Because it allows people to experience beauty of nature in Alberta.

Without expecting people to pitch a tent, sleep on the ground or cook over an open fire. And while for many Albertans, that sounds like their ideal vacation. Not everybody likes camping. But everyone can enjoy glamping in Alberta.

When people first arrived at elevated experience campground, whether they are camping or glamping. They will be greeted with free coffee, and a warm inviting fire.

Where people can roast a marshmallow when the registration and check in process takes place. This helps melt people’s stress away. And help the vacation start on the right note.

That quick break can help people have enough energy to either set up their camp. Or put their suitcases in their glamping site, which and elevated experience is a tiny cabin.


And if they are too tired to cook dinner on the first night. They can simply order pizza from their general store, and have it hand-delivered. By the elevated experience staff, who are all trained in customer service excellence.

When people are looking for things to do whether they are on a camping vacation, or glamping vacation. Is they can explore the North Saskatchewan River by boat, or on the banks.

And they can even go fishing, or just explore what the river valley has to offer next to the river. However, elevated experience does offer people the opportunity to learn how to do some gold panning.

They will actually plan for gold, where they can take their souvenirs home. If they were lucky enough to find some gold nuggets during this amazing experience.

However, many people while they love to hear the sound of the river. Actually like hiking, and exploring the nearby trails. Or go biking, or birdwatching. Matter what they like to do when they enjoy nature.

They can do that at elevated experience campground. And if people are there to go glamping in Alberta. The can always sit on the porch of their tiny cabin, and just enjoy the sounds and sights of nature.

From the moment they arrive, to the last day of their vacation. People who come to elevated experience campgrounds will have a vacation that they will never forget.

Glamping in Alberta This Summer

Even though many people love camping, not everyone does which is why glamping in Alberta is on the rise. Some of the reason why people do not like camping, is that the accommodations are very rough.

Pitching their own tent, sleeping in a sleeping bag, as well as sleeping on the ground. Are just some of the reasons why many people are not a fan of camping. Even though they love the wilderness and nature.

And this is often why glamping in Alberta is on the rise. Note only because there are many luxury trailers and motorhomes out there. For people to buy, so that they can get away to nature.

Without having to sleep on the ground. However, that is not always accessible for everybody as luxury trailers are expensive. And require people finding a place to store them, for the seven months of winter that Alberta gets.

However, this is why many campsites are adding glamping accommodations to their offerings. Because they know that they will be able to capture a larger market share.

By allowing people who do not like camping. To come out and enjoy their campsite, and the many activities they have to offer. While they stay in their luxury accommodations.

And often, people go glamping in Alberta simply because camping is not something that they can do anymore. Either because they are physically or otherwise limited.

Therefore, glamping Alberta allows people who love to camp but cannot. In opportunity to engage in the activities they love. And when people come to elevated experience campground.


Not only will they be able to camp if they want, or stay in their luxury accommodations. But the many amenities that they offer, are unparalleled, and second to none.

While they do have a lot of the amenities that most other campgrounds have. Such as flush toilets and showers. As well as a boat launch on the river. To help people go boating or fishing.

And horseshoe pits, for people to play on. If they are relaxing after a long day of exploring the river valley. However, they have many more amenities for people to enjoy.

It starts by giving everybody who arrives a voucher for one free game of minigolf. So that they can experience their minigolf course. And whether they want to come back and play more games, they can.

They also have a retro arcade and a candy store. Perfect for rainy day activities, or something for children and teenagers to do, if they do not want to join the family on a hike.

They have games to rent, such as yard sized Jenga and yahtzee. As well as slip and slide. They have a wide variety of programmed activities, such as yoga with goats.

Perfect for people of all ages and experience levels. To experience yoga, with the fun of furry, playful goats running around to make everybody smile.

These are just some of the offerings that elevated experience has for people who are either camping glamping in Alberta. And people will only understand how truly special this is, when they check it out for themselves.