Glamping in Alberta | Unique Summer Vacation Ideas

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Summer Vacation Ideas

Even though camping is a popular activity, glamping in Alberta is increasing in popularity. And there are many reasons why more people are glamping now than ever before.

Glamping in Alberta

One of the reasons, is because there are more provided glamping sites. Because while many people have been glamping in Alberta for decades in their own trailers and motorhomes.

People without their own equipment have not been able to go glamping until quite recently. But now, many campgrounds throughout the province are adding glamping sites to their amenities.

Such as elevated experience campgrounds. Who wanted to be able to appeal to a wider range of people going on vacations within the province. There glamping sites have all of the luxuries of a hotel room.

But set in the gorgeous River Valley, that there campground is in. They are located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. And might decide the North Saskatchewan River.

And many people have compared the beauty of this campground. To the beauty of the mountains. Without having to drive, or fight with the tourists that make it crowded.

When people arrive, they are going to be greeted immediately by welcoming fire. And while the check in process takes place. People can get out and make themselves us more, or have a mug of hot chocolate.

Another thing that makes elevated experience different than other campgrounds. Is that everyone gets a free game of minigolf on the campgrounds many golf course on site.

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This can help people feel like they have started their vacation. And after one round, they can play as many games as they want. Or go to their tiny cabin, where their glamping site is.

When they first arrive, they will see why glamping in Alberta is so popular. Especially at elevated experience campground. Because there are so many luxuries in this tiny cabin.

First, people will see that there is a fire pit and bench. So that they can have a fire, for roasting marshmallows and wieners on. Or simply having fire, and visiting around it.

The next thing people will notice is that there is a porch on the tiny cabin with bistro table and two chairs. Perfect for enjoying the morning coffee will watching the sunrise. Or having a wine, and watching the sun set.

Upon entering these cabins. One of the first things that people will see is the large, flat screen television mounted on the wall. Which is connected to the satellite, so people can watch their favourite shows or movies.

Also, they will see a beautiful, comfortable -looking queen-size bed. So that they can enjoy their glamping in Alberta in style. They will also see the many beautiful details that make this a luxury accommodations.

For example, they will have a coffeepot, microwave and toaster oven. As well as a mini fridge, so that they can bring and prepare their own food. There is also a full-size barbecue outside, so that they can cook.

And whether people want to come and adventure. Or come and relax, and get away from the city. They can do either at elevated experience campgrounds.

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Summer Vacation Ideas

When people are looking for vacation close to home, they should consider glamping in Alberta. The reason why, is because this gives them a unique vacation idea. That is unique, and fun.

While camping in Alberta has been popular for decades. Glamping is on the rise. In part, because of the growth of all of the glamping sites throughout the province.

While glamping is a portmanteau of the two words glamorous and camping. In order to go glamping. People typically need to have their own camping equipment.

Which has always made glamping slightly and accessible until recently. But now, many campgrounds such as elevated experience campgrounds. Are building glamping accommodations on site.

Therefore, if people just like camping, but would love to try glamping in Alberta they are now able to. Or people are not able to go camping, either due to lack of equipment, or another limitation.

Going glamping is a vacation idea is now possible. For it was not always something that anybody could do. Let us best about glamping, is that no special equipment or skills are required.

In fact, when people arrive at elevated experience campground. They do have a mini fridge, as well as dishware, microwave, toaster oven and and coffeepot. As well as a barbecue to cook their own food on.

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But if people truly do not want to be cooking on their glamping in Alberta vacation. They can simply call elevated experience. And order a pizza, that is made fresh on-site and to order.

That will be delivered to their glamping site, by the elevated experience staff. Therefore, if they do not want to cook on their vacation, they do not have to. Whether they are resting and relaxing in their cabin.

Or if they are going for one of the many adventures that are available. And for some people, going glamping means that they have lots of time for adventures, such as building on the river.

As well as fishing, hiking or biking. But if people are looking for something completely different. They can get that at elevated experience as well. One of their most popular activities right now.

Is go to yoga, which allows people of all experience levels and ages. To enjoy a yoga practice, while joined by playful goats. That is sure to leave people feeling rested, and with a smile on their face.

As well, they have a retro arcade, library. And many different games that they can rent. As well as what they call discovery kids. That will allow people to go on a self guided adventure in the river valley.

In fact, there are so many things to do at elevated experience campground. That when people are looking for a unique summer vacation idea.

They should look no further than elevated experience. And as many times as they decide to come, they will have a different experience age time.